David Sabol

David Sabol Santa carvings. Unique, one of a kind, expressive hand crafted Santas carved out of white pine. David's woodcarving career began as an eight-year old's hobby. His carving ability improved throughout high school and college. Today he is a highly respected carver, teacher and woodcarving author. His self-taught skills range from caricature, animal, bird and flower carvings to human form sculptures. He is a traditional carver who uses knives, chisels and oil stains to create his outstanding works. There is a unique quality to his carving that has enabled many collectors and students of woodcarving to identify his works at first sight. He is noted for his realistic wonderfully charismatic expressions. Since becoming a full-time carver in 1983, David has received many "Best of Show" awards at carving shows and wildlife art exhibitions and he has authored several books that have received high acclaim in the woodcarving community. From the ultra expressive face and eyes to the intricately carved animals to Santa's oversized bare feet to his occasional "plumber's crack", there is something for everyone to find enjoyable in David's Santa carvings.