Wood Santa Carvings

Hand carved wooden Santa Claus carvings. Solid wood, uniquely painted by hand and individually signed by the artist. Browse the wonderful Santa designs by the artists represented below and we're sure you'll find a hand crafted Santa figure to match your style.


Dave Francis Santa carvings

Dave Francis wood Santa Carvings

Barbara Scoles hand carved wooden Santas

Barbara Scoles Santa Carvings

Joseph Land carved wooden Santas

Joe Land Santa Carvings

David Sabol wood carved Santas

David Sabol Wooden Santas

Santa carvings by Mark and Janet Klein

Wooden Santas By Klein

Paul Green Santa carvings and cypress knees

Paul Green Wood Carved Santas

Russell Scott wooden Santa Claus carvings

Russell Scott Santa carvings

Greg Geudel Wooden Santas

Susan Mattix Carved Santas

Hand crafted wooden Santas are unique, one of a kind creations carved by skilled artists with years and years of experience in both carving as well as painting. Most of our Santa artists are from the United States and Canada as well as Russia and the Ukraine. Our Russian artists and their carvings can all be seen within our Russian Santa category - they are also hand crafted out of solid wood and we have hundreds available. Be sure to browse all the categories as their is everything from Santa ornaments, Santa bells, decorative trees and Santa carvings ranging from a few inches to several feet in height.