Santas are what we do, and the only thing we do.

Since 1996 we have continued our sole focus on bringing to you the most extensive, exclusive and collectible Santa figures available.  From one-of-a-kind hand crafted Santa creations to popular themed figurines, we work closely with artists from North America and overseas as well as major figurine companies.  Each year we introduce hundreds of different Santas from some of the most gifted Santa Claus artists in the world.

We haven't always been santas.com. Our story started as Reasons To Believe, with our retail and internet roots based just outside of Seattle, Washington. Since Santa Claus figures and hand crafted Santas are our specialty and niche it only made sense for us to grow our business based on our passion and what we love, santas.com. 

  • Celebrating 20 years of designing, making and selling Santas (since 1996)
  • Santa collectors/customers in all 50 states
  • Extended Santa family in 62 countries - merci', takk, grazie, and obrigado! (yes, we ship internationally)
  • The most diverse and extensive collection of hand crafted Santas in the world.
  • 300-500 new Santa additions every year
  • Collectible Santas in all price ranges -  from $15 to over $5000.
  • We specialize in solid wood, one of a kind, hand crafted Santa carvings
  • Customer comments - we pride ourselves on exceptional service.