22 inch Natural wood Cypress Santa by Paul Green

A very large, 22 inch naturally finished Santa Claus carving with frosted hair and trim, accented with a green Christmas tree and teddy bear poking out of Santa's toybag. The natural wood tones make this a very unique and original piece, beautifully finished. Hand carved and hand painted cypress knee (solid wood) Santa Claus by Paul Green. Tall, unique, masterfully designed Santa carving and full of character. It is difficult to tell from the photographs how large pieces really are in comparison with most Santa carvings. Though very lightweight as cypress roots inherently are - these Santas are quite tall. Be certain to take note of their dimension. Cypress grows predominantly in the south and most often in or around swamps. The knees are a structure of the root and are generally protruding vertically, above the water line. Once the bark is removed and the knee is boiled and dried it is ready to carve - lucky for us - into a Santa Claus. Since no two pieces of this wood are ever alike the designs are all uniquely original. Signed and dated

Material: Cypress knee wood

Dimensions: 22 inches tall

Collections: Paul Green, Santa Carvers

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