A Very Festive Christmas - Russian Santa

A Very Festive Christmas - Quite large and dimensional, this festive Christmas Santa is meticulously painted in the traditional, delightful colors of the season. Bright reds, vivid greens and pearly whites are accented with intricate raised metallic blue, gold and green dots. Santa's coat is lined with white accents to give a look of pearls. Green and gold metallic raised accents adorn his coat, staff and small Christmas tree giving this Santa carving a tasteful holiday sparkle. Next to Santa is one of Russia's favorite animals, the bear. Bears are very symbolic in Russian history, often the heros of many legends and fairytales. This bear is merrily playing an accordion as he accompanies Santa on Christmas Day. This impressive Santa is sure to delight those who enjoy the traditional look of Christmas with a sophisticated style. This Russian Santa  is hand carved from solid linden, also known as either basswood or lime in various parts of the world. Once carved and sanded the Santa is hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with numerous coats and finally signed or initialed by the artist. *The bear is an individually carved piece with a peg in his back for securing to Santa.

Material: Basswood

Dimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 7 inches

Collections: Russian Santas

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