Bird Lover Russian Santa with Children

A large hand carved and hand painted solid wood Russian Santa themed beautifully with birds and children all the way around. Two separately carved birds are pegged to Santa's arm and satchel and even the staff features a blue bird on one side and a red bird on the other. Eight boys and girls enjoying the winter snow and nature encompass every view of this Santa, each with beautiful eyes and joyous faces, surrounded by more birds. This Russian Santa has a wonderfully cheerful face and eyes and a uniquely detailed beard. This bird loving Santa brings back the childhood memories of Christmas. Hand carved solid wood, hand painted and signed by the famous artist - Karpova. Santa stands 16 inches tall and the staff almost 17 inches.

Material: linden wood 
Approx. Size: 16 H x 7 diam. inches 
Hand Carved: solid wood

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