Christmas in Stride - Elegant Russian Santa Claus

Painted with the utmost of details, this carved santa is painted in rich hues of red and crimson, dark and light greens. Santa's toy bag is filled with light blue and purple ornaments. Neatly wrapped presents, golden bells and a trumpet can be seen brimming from the top of Santa's bag. Santa holds tight to a Christmas tree walking stick. His bright blue eyes are piercing with the whiteness of his long flowing beard. Santa wears a unique fur-lined green hat and coat keeping him especially warm these cold December days. This wooden Santa is hand carved from solid linden, also known as either basswood or lime in various parts of the world. Once carved and sanded the Santa is hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with multiple coats, layer upon layer to create amazing depth, and signed by the artist.

Material: linden wood 
Approx. Size: 16 x 6 x 9 inches 
Hand Carved: solid wood

Collections: Russian Santas

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