Ed Pribyl Starry Night 17 inch Ivory Santa

Truly a fully loaded Santa Claus ready for deliveries. Very much a gift-giver of days past featuring a hand held candle lit lantern, wooden horse pull toy, old dolls, trains, stick horse, a bundle of books, a drum, and a basket on his back overflowing with presents and gifts. He wears a long ivory coat trimmed in red and gold with green accents, black shoes and striped red and green Christmas socks. Santa has a very caring face with soft, flowing beard and beautiful blue eyes. This in an incredibly unique Santa carving. Original folk art Santa design by Ed Pribyl. Hand carved solid wood, painted in multiple layers with his own antique mix, finished in vintage fashion and signed on the bottom.

  • Size: 17.5 H x 11 x 8 inches
  • Material: Bass wood
  • Artist: Ed Pribyl
  • Hand carved solid wood

Collections: Ed Pribyl

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