Emerald Green Elegant Russian Santa Carving

Emerald green elegant Santa Claus with decorative staff and bird. Green robed with floral and lacy patterns of gold and white, beautifully trimmed and accented from head to toe in a regal theme. The amount of fine detail and layering of colors and textures are stunning, from his royal cap and his stately staff to the elegant red sash around his waist and elaborate trim lining the base of his cloak. Wonderfully carved and even more impressively painted. The height of the Santa is 16 inches tall with his staff measuring 17 inches. This wooden Russian Santa Claus is hand carved from solid linden. Once carved and sanded the Santa is meticulously hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with numerous coats and finally signed or initialed by the artist.

  • Material: linden wood
  • Dimensions: 17 inches tall
  • Hand carved solid wood

Collections: Russian Santas

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