First Gift of Christmas

With his watch clock showing ten to twelve that special moment has arrived.  Santa stands poised to deliver the first gift of Christmas, a special gift in an exquisitely designed box accented with semi precious stones.  By the loving look on his face and a glint in his eyes, this is surely a gift among gifts.  This Santa is beautifully dressed in a large flowing red and burgundy coat, remarkably accented with greens and golds for the festive season.  

As with traditional Russian attire, this Santa is no exception with his large collar fur lined coat and matching hat.  Santa carries a unique staff with a lit candle.  Atop a small snowbird goes along for the ride.  Santa's distinctively carved full beard flows over his coat and is perfect for the cold christmas season. This masterpiece is hand carved from solid linden, also known as either basswood or lime. Once carved and sanded the Santa is meticulously hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with numerous coats and signed by the artist.


Dimensions: 17 x 8.5 in. diam.

Hand carved solid wood

Wood type: Linden

Collections: Russian Santas

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