Large Roly Poly White and Gold Santa Chime 64 Stones

A beautiful blend of gold, pewter, white, taupe and torquoise Jeweled, Roly-poly musical Santa bell - Ornate and uniquely designed Santa beautifully painted and intricately accented with gold leaf and 64 semi precious stones masterfully embedded into the wood: 

Lapis Lazuli-5, Quartz-5, Cat's Eye-4, Pearl - 21,Chrysoprase (a variety of xalcedon-thunder eggs)-11, Turquoise-18

In Russia it is called 'no lay down', Nevalyazka. Unique and of museum quality. Signed by the artist and jewels noted on the bottom as well. 

  • Material: linden wood & semiprecious stones
  • Approx. Size: 8 inches H  x 5 diam.
  • Artist: Petrova
  • Museum quality