Lighting the Way Home

An amazingly designed and detailed little Santa Claus carving (Little Kringles as Mark and Janet Klein refer to them). Standing only 3.75 inches in height he carries a staff with reindeer (red nosed) carved into it in one hand and a lantern to light the way home in the other. As this entire piece is carved out of a single piece of wood one wonders how all the wood was removed inside the lantern so precisely to reveal the detailed candle from every angle. There’s even holly leaved carved into the lantern frame. The trademark holly leaves and berries carved into Santa’s hat is another carving wonder, extremely detailed and full of undercuts and depth. All of this packed into a piece of wood about the size of a baseball. The painting is equally as artistic and precise from the candle detail, to the red nose on the deer, Santa’s aged sage mittens, the glimmer in his eyes, the holly berries and to the traditional red hat and coat that perfectly finish him off. A masterpiece dreamed, designed, hand crafted, carved, sanded, painted, finished, waxed and signed by the artists Mark and Janet Klein.

Material: linden wood
Dimensions: 3.75H x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
Hand carved solid wood

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