One with Nature Russian Santa Composition

Masterfully stunning wooden Russian Santa composition with an elegant design and perfectly carved and complementary duo of wildlife with the flanking rabbit and deer. These two animals alone are amazing works of art with the rabbit being 8 inches in length and the deer standing 8.5 inches in height from the base. The overall size of this piece makes these wonderful animals appear much smaller.  The animals and Santa carving are pegged with precision by dowels and holes in the base, removable for safe shipping and storage. Painting, detailing and finishing is all museum quality. A unique piece such as this does not come around often. Completely hand carved from solid linden wood, painted meticulously in numerous coats and layers and signed by the artist, Rasskazova.

  • Material: linden wood 
  • Approx. Size: 20 H x 16 inches diam.
  • Hand Carved: solid wood
  • Artist: Rasskazova