Partridge and Peace Bronze Russian Santa Carving 20"

A very large and majestic bronze toned Russian Santa carving displaying pure grace and a glowing complexion. His coat and regal hat are beautifully detailed in raised filigree in a multitude of colors, gold trimmed leaves and white pearlescent accents set upon wispy bronze and autumn-toned base. The back of Santa's frosted white, fur trimmed coat is painted in red with equally impressive and elegant detailing and iridescent gold highlights that come to life with changing light. He holds an elaborate gold tassled staff in one hand and symbolic bird in the other. The face and eyes on this magnificent carving are impeccable and comforting, complementing his open armed and peaceful demeanor. Museum quality from head to toe, large in stature, hand carved from solid linden, one of a kind Christmas treasure signed by the artist Rasskazova.

  • Material: linden wood 
  • Approx. Size: 20H x 16 x 9 inches
  • Hand Carved: solid wood

Collections: Russian Santas 1000+

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