Royal Red Nutcracker - Russian Santa Claus Carving

Santa and the story of the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker scene painted on the front of this Santa depicts the act when the main character Clara returns to the parlor late at night after everyone has gone to bed to retrieve her beloved nutcracker. As she is up, the clock strikes midnight and strange things begin to happen. Clara begins to shrink as the Christmas tree grows high above her head. Toys around the tree come to life as mice begin to fill the room, lead by their Mouse King. The Nutcracker grows to life size and as he awakens, he leads his army of toy soldiers into a battle with the mice. The Mouse King corners the Nutcracker and battles him one-on-one but the Nutcracker can not overcome the Mouse King's strength. Clara makes a bold and desperate move to save her wounded Nutcracker from defeat by throwing her slipper at the Mouse King. She hits him directly in the head distracting him enough for the Nutcracker to stab him. The mice army quickly carry away their King as the Nutcracker claims victory. Painted on the back of this Santa is the scene of the Nutcracker having been transformed into a handsome prince and Clara in the Land of Sweets. This large Russian Santa is hand carved from solid linden wood. Once carved and sanded the Santa is hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with multiple coats and finally signed by the artist.

Material: linden wood 
Approx. Size: 18 inches tall 
Hand Carved: solid wood

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