Russian Hand Crafted Wooden Nutcracker 20 inch

A very unique nutcracker, hand carved and intricately detailed with fine wood-burning and gold leaf. This large, blue eyed nutcracker bears a characterized resemblance to France's Napoleon Bonaparte. He holds a large nut in one hand and his long sword in the other and in filled with beautiful ornamental accents from his black feathered bicorne hat and elaborate boots to the regal red tailcoat jacket and gold epaulettes. Overall height is 20 inches including wood base and wood feather, both of which are separate and detatchable for safe storage and shipping. Hand carved, solid wood nutcracker, not machined as in modern, mass produced nutcrackers. Exceptional detail from head to toe and a true collector's piece, signed by the artist Tabolina.

  • Material: linden wood
  • Dimensions: 20 inches
  • Hand carved solid wood