Santa's Favorite Reindeer - Carved Russian Santa

An exceptional Santa Claus carving, both in terms of carving as well as artistic painting. From a carving aspect this is one of the most technically difficult and amazing Russian Santas we've seen in over 15 years. Other than the antlers and end of toybag, this carving was carved out of a single piece of wood. From the snowy base up through the reindeer legs and then Santa's body it all flows perfectly, neither the legs nor body are pegged or fitted - it's one solid piece. The realism in the face and eyes of the reindeer is remarkable and he has a very natural gait. Santa's face and blue eyes are perfect and he has a kind expression. His coat and hat are painted in shades of red and detailed in patterns of yellow, violet, black and red with white fur trim. The large blue toybag has snowflake patterns painted throughout. Overall beautifully finished from every angle and a very unique and rare wooden Santa Claus. This Russian Santa Claus is hand carved from solid linden, also known as either basswood or lime. Once carved and sanded the Santa is meticulously hand painted and finished in extraordinary detail with numerous coats and finally signed or initialed by the artist.

Material: Linden wood

Dimensions: 11h x 11 x 6 inches

Collections: Russian Santas

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