Strawberry and Charcoal Russian Traveller Santa

A very large and supremely elegant Russian Santa Claus - Father Frost carving traveling with his staff and large toy bag. Uniquely painted in with unbelievable design and accenting on a strawberry colored front, charcoal back and butternut toned toy bag.  The manner in which the colors radiate from all the detail is remarkably artistic and much like holding an abalone shell at different angles in the light. His graceful presence and gait are captured perfectly in this carving from any view, and for an 18 inch carving he is an extremely dimensional and dynamic 13 lb. solid wood masterpiece. Exquisetely designed and finished, hand carved, hand painted and signed by the artist, Rasskazova.

  • Material: linden wood 
  • Approx. Size: 18H x 10 x 9 inches
  • Hand Carved: solid wood
  • Appx. weight: 13 lbs.