The Birth of Christmas - Russian Santa Carving

The Birth of Christmas - A very spiritual Santa carving, large, unique, colorful, and beautifully crafted and painted. Every inch is masterfully utilized with the carved stumps and extending branches flowing subtly into both scenes, the nativity on the front and the baptism of Jesus on the back. Each of these scenes is a masterpiece alone with Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and gatherers of Bethlehem and even the animals to the rippling waters of Jesus' baptism. Amazing artistry throughout and a one of a kind treasure to enjoy for generations. This Russian Santa is hand carved from solid linden, also known as either basswood or lime in various parts of the world. Once carved and sanded the Santa is hand painted and finished in amazing detail and finally signed by the artist.

Material: linden wood 
Approx. Size: 17.5 x 11 in. diam. 
Hand Carved: solid wood

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