Winter Blue and Gold Ornate Russian Santa with Toy Bag

A lively and intricately carved Russian Santa Claus Father Frost. A rich gold filigree entwines in taupe and blue accents on the front of the Santa's coat, ivory trimming reaching down to his feet with a matching fur hat. Santa holds a decorative, midnight blue  large bag of toys and a branch-like wooden staff in heavily mittened hands to keep warm in the cold Russian winters! A Santa in the midst of bringing joy - this remarkable piece of art is rich in detail, designed with brilliant craftsmanship, and hand carved and hand painted. Signed by renowned artist, Rasskazova, this piece is brimming with warmth and holiday cheer. 19.5"H x 11"W x 11"D. Dimensional note - The Santa measures 18.5 inches in height and the staff 19.5

  • Material: linden wood 
  • Approx. Size: 18.5 -19.5 inches
  • Artist: Rasskazova
  • Hand Carved: solid wood