Silence of a Winter's Night - Mark and Janet Klein

Silence of a Winter's Night by Mark and Janet Klein. Three Little Kringles on a sledding joyride that goes awry. Caught in mid air after their sled unexpectedly strikes a hidden rock, this carving is beyond words from both an artistic perspective as well as technical carving perspective. Each Kringle has his own unique expression and look of panic, holding tightly onto anything they can grasp, in this case only the hat of the next Kringle. As seen in the numerous photographs every angle reveals movement and excitement, from the facial expressions to flailing limbs and clothing. This Santa carving is so well done it was featured on the cover of 'Carving Magazine' 2012 holiday edition. Several hundreds of hours were spent in the design and creation of this wonderful carving. Designed, carved, painted and finished by Mark and Janet Klein - signed on the bottom. This piece comes in its own custom crate and is secured for safe storage and shipping.

Material: Basswood

Dimensions: 8 H x 7 W x 13.3 L (inches)

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