Best Friends Forever - by Joe Land

Best Friends Forever illustrates the delightful poem "The Story of Santa Mouse." Though the lonely little mouse has no one to play with, he saves a special piece of cheese for the secret visitor only he has seen, and who comes but once a year . . . Santa. The kindness and good humor of Santa shines through when he says to his new little friend," (Read the entire wonderful poem)

Best Friends Forever is hand carved of basswood, sealed, and painted with the finest artist quality oil paints for the richness and depth of color of a classic oil painting in three dimensions. The hand carved base shows the detail of the wooden floor of the living room where this happy scene unfolds. The top and bottom moldings are gilded in gold colored foil. The title is hand lettered in gold paint with red drop shadow to stand out against a conifer green background.

Dimensions: 15.3 inches tall

Material: Basswood

Hand carved solid wood

Collections: Joseph Land, Santa Carvers

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