All Aboard - Santa by Joe Land

All Aboard - Santa is packed and fully loaded with presents sticking out of his toybag slung over his shoulder. A very artistic Santa carving from head to toe with traditional outfit and natural lines and folds in his clothes complementing Santa's pose. A very cute teddy bear and raggedy Ann doll can't wait to get to their new home, while a stow away Santa mouse couldn't resist coming along for the Christmas ride. The toy bag is beautifully carved and painted in teal with brown trim and gilded bell accents. The entire Santa is painted in oils giving a very rich, layered and artistic finish. A wonderful Santa carving for any collection. Completely hand crafted solid wood Santa Claus, designed, carved, painted and signed on the bottom by artist Joe Land.

Material: Basswood

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 5.5 inches 

Collections: Joseph Land, Santa Carvers

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