Choo Chooing into Christmas - Mark and Janet Klein

Choo Chooing Into Christmas - One of the most extraordinarily carved and detailed small Santas (Little Kringles as Mark and Janet Klein refer to them) we've seen at only three inches in height. All carved from a single piece of bass wood over the course of many, many months only a woodcarver can truly appreciate the talent and patience required to create such a piece. The relief of Santa's flowing hat, the finely detailed holly on the side of the hat, the Christmas tree with miniature Santa tree-topper as well as the symmetry and precision in carving the little train in Santa's hand are all amazing. One must keep in mind from looking at the photographs that this is all packed into a three inch cube. The precise and artistic painting is equally as impressive from the train detail to the microscopic accents on the little (half an inch) Santa tree-topper. All designed, hand crafted, carved, sanded, painted, finished, waxed and signed by both Mark and Janet Klein

Material: Basswood

Dimensions (in.): 3.1 x 3 x 3 inches

Collections: Santa Carvers

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