Double Trouble

Double Trouble  as Santa heads out into the night air with two Raccoon Stowaways in his toy bag.   And its not just the Raccoons but two Owls are also along the the night time ride around the world with Santa.  Here is another wonderfully detailed Santa carving from artist and sculptor Joe Land. This 18 inch Santa is hand carved in basswood and painted in rich oil paints.  This Colorful Victorian inspired Santa is clad in a mocha buckskin robe edged in chocolate colored fur and with Christmas holly designs painstakingly detailed in gold paint by the artist.  Santa lights the way through the night with his lantern and his night time traveling companions.  This original and one of a kind piece of art is Signed on the bottom by artist Joe Land and bears his carved trademark signature "Josef" on the back of the base.

Material: linden wood
Dimensions: 17 inches tall
Hand carved solid wood

Collections: Joseph Land, Santa Carvers

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