Pocket Full of Miracles - by Joe Land

"Pockets Full Of Miracles" is a 17" Santa hand carved by artist and carver Joe Land.  "Pockets Full Of Miracles" came from the idea that for every child who wants a puppy for Christmas is a puppy, who deserves a good home, and its up to Santa to make sure each puppy goes to the home of a child who's heart is true. Striking in its detail and rich color, Pockets Full Of Miracles is carved in basswood and painted in oils.  Six happy tail wagging travelers are loaded up and ready to go with Santa on his sleigh.  There are a pair of English Toy Spaniels in Santa's Adirondack basket pack, little miss Dachshund riding on Santa's arm, and safely tucked into Santa's warm cozy pockets are a Dachshund in one and a pair of Labrador pups in the other. Accompanying this special Santa carving is a letter sized signed copy of Joe's poem and as a bonus there is a miniature archival signed copy of the poem in its own special hiding place hollowed out in Santa's pack under the gift bag of dog bones.

Material: Basswood

Dimensions: 17 inches tall

Collections: Joseph Land, Santa Carvers

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