Santa's Got A Brand New Bag - By Joe Land

This Santa's got heart AND Soul.  Hand carved in basswood and painted in rich oils we see Santa, light on his feet as he stands astride the chimney with his load of toys for all the good children tucked safely in their beds.  Santa's suit is finely detailed with brass buttons and embroidered in the magic golden thread (depicted in paint of course).  Santa's bag stands out in rich evergreen with a finely painted golden snowflake motif, a gold banded heavy leather strap, and topped off with a string of sleigh bells showing the rich patina of genuine antique doll buttons.

This Santa dude is stylin'! Is it just us or can you hear James Brown singing, "Santa's got a brand new bag." Woa!

Dimensions: 14" tall

Material: Basswood

Collections: Joseph Land, Santa Carvers

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