Santa's Ride-on Locomotive - by David Sabol

Santa loves antique toys and this one is a gem, a 1920's Keystone ride on kid's train. The artist, David Sabol has an affinity for antiques and unique toys and has carved this one to perfectly resemble the actual metal toy from almost 100 years ago. Amazing detail in both the train and Santa's excited expression. One of a kind, hand carved and hand painted wooden Santa Claus figure by David Sabol. Carved from white pine and painted in oils this unique Santa design is signed by the artist. A veteran of the carving trade, David has authored several carving books and holds seminars throughout the northeast. From the intricately carved animals to Santa's oversized bare feet and wonderful expressions, there is something for everyone to find enjoyable in David's Santa carvings.

Material: White pine

Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 6 inches

Collections: David Sabol, Santa Carvers

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